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Scorpion Capital Management (SCM) is a Finance-as-a-Service provider operating on the Binance Smart Chain. Our aim is to make cryptocurrency investing available to everyone. To achieve this, we offer multiple investment services to $SCM holders in order to bridge the gap between DeFi 3.0 and cryptocurrency investing. Owning $SCM allows holders to automatically take part in autostaking with the Scorpion Staking Protocol.

2.15% Daily reward

Scorpion Staking Protocol



*Calculation based on 2.15% daily compound rewards paid out through the Scorpion Staking Protocol.


Scorpion Staking Protocol is a uniquely designed protocol which rewards $SCM holders 2.15% daily based on the amount of $SCM they hold. This 2.15% is fixed and does not deviate under any circumstances. The interest is added to the $SCM tokens in a wallet automatically, compounding over time with the $SCM holdings.



As the crypto market is making a transition from Proof-of-Work (mining) towards Proof-of-Stake, $SCM is an excellent investment opportunity with a truly carbon neutral footprint. Staking-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the first service Scorpion Capital Management will provide for its holders and it will be implemented through the Scorpion Staking Protocol.

The autostaking protocol pays out 0.014% in $SCM to holders every 10 minutes. This equals a highly efficient 144 payout times per day, making investors 2.15% of rewards on a daily basis. 

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This section explains how we are able to provide our 2.15% daily staking rewards in a sustainable manner.

Liquidity Floor Value Fund

Liquidity Floor Value (LFV) Fund:

The LFV fund is designed in order to back the staking rewards based on trading fees. 4% of purchases and 6% of sales are returned to the fund which provide the fundamentals for the rewards paid out to $SCM holders

SCM Treasury


Whenever the LFV fund is larger than the rewards that need to be paid out, the surplus gets sent to the Treasury. In addition to fund operations and marketing, the treasury remains a solid back-up for the staking returns and will be used when necessary.

Multichain Farming

Multichain farming

In addition to the LFV, Burns and Treasury which are able to generate the daily rewards that we provide to our holders in a sustainable manner, our Investing-as-a-Service portfolios and returns will also have a portion dedicated to $SCM.



1% of all transactions including buys and sells is burned. Our initial supply is only 500,000 tokens with a 2.15% daily reward. In both short and long term, burns enable us to: (1) keep the supply under control and (2) back our high APY in order to make it as sustainable as possible.


The tokenomics of $SCM have been carefully constructed to ensure maximum longevity and sustainable rewards



4% of purchases and 5% of sales go directly to the liquidity pool, ensuring scalability for $SCM.

Liquidity Floor Value

Liquidity Floor Value

4% of buys and 6% of sells are returned to the Liquidity Floor Value (LFV) Fund which backs the sustainable staking rewards provided by rebasing.

Treasury Piggy


6% of buy transactions and 8% of sell transactions go towards the treasury, supporting the Scorpion Staking Protocol through multiple channels.

Contract address


Copy Address
Copy address



March Completed

  • Start Community building
  • Start pitching project to potential private sale investors
  • Start development smart contract
  • Private sale
  • Website V1
  • Whitepaper V1
  • Market research
  • Service portfolio design

Early Q2

  • Finish smart contract development
  • Finish market research and portfolio design
  • Website V2 + Whitepaper V2
  • KYC with Pinksale
  • Smart contract testing + audit through Audit Rate Tech
  • Start marketing campaign
  • Presale
  • Exchange listings (CMC, CG)
  • Finish dashboard for investors

Late Q2

  • Founding of the registered Scorpion Capital company
  • Certik smart contract audit
  • Increase dashboard functionality
  • Start expanding the Scorpion Capital service portfolio
  • Finish development of Investing-as-a-Service
  • Low/Medium/High risk
  • More exchange listings
  • Ongoing marketing


  • Second expansion of service portfolio
  • Development of Change Investing module
  • Expanding Investing-as-a-Service portfolio range
  • More portfolios
  • More risk levels
  • Bringing Scorpion Capital to different markets
  • Lending platform
  • NFT -> with financial service utility
  • Investments in real world assets
  • Implementation of voting system, governance and DAO


What makes Scorpion Capital Management an unique DeFi project?

Scorpion Capital management is a state-of-the-art token in the DeFi space which main focus is to create value for the token holders. The Scorpion Staking Protocol is unique in every way with one of the highest sustainable APYs available, all returned to the holders of the $SCM token.

How does the Scorpion Staking Protocol work?

Scorpion Staking Protocol works in such a manner that the yield for the $SCM holders is generated by a protocol which increases the $SCM supply for each holder separately. This process is called rebasing. This unique process will guarantee a sustained, high yield for all holders.

How do I receive rewards?

The Scorpion Staking Protocol is one of the easiest Protocols to gain rewards from. You simply hold the $SCM token in your wallet and you will receive a yield of 2.15% per day, paid every 10 minutes or 144 times per day. There is no need to stake since the Protocol will automatically stake it for you.

Where can I buy the $SCM token?

You can buy the $SCM token on Pancakeswap using the BNB pair. {link pcs}.

What slippage must be set to buy $SCM token?

The slippage to buy should be set at at least 14% and the slippage to sell must be set on 19%. In some cases, for example during high volume, the slippage is recommended to be set higher to prevent the transaction from failing.

Is Scorpion Capital Management Audited?

Yes $SCM has been audited through our partner Audit Tech Rate. You can find the audit by clicking the this link. We have also planned a Certik audit on the roadmap in the near future.

Will the treasury be used for anything?

Yes, the SCM treasury will be used to both add liquidity when needed and in emergency situations of a big sudden price drop in addition to the Liquidity Floor Value (LFV) Fund.

Did you get KYC’d?

Since transparency is one of the things Scorpion Capital management truly stands for, we have been KYC’d with Pinksale. You can find the verification document here:

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